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High Quality Lenses designed for your life

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in over 60 years of business, it’s how to create eyewear lenses in Edmonton that will enable you to see clearly again. At Young’s Optical, we are committed to filling your lens prescriptions quickly, affordably, and accurately. 

Did you now that 44.8% of eyeglasses tested in a 2018 study, didn’t have the correct prescription? 

Crazy, right? We’re really happy with the lab we use but they’re human and mistakes happen. That’s why the first thing we do when we receive your lenses from the lab is double check the prescription accuracy. We want to be absolutely sure that you’re wearing the correct prescription. 

MultiFocal Lenses

Fitting multifocal lenses requires additional measurements so that the various optic zones of the lenses are perfectly positioned for clear, comfortable vision at all distances. 
At Young’s Optical we have years of training and experience addressing multifocal needs. 
Lenses are lenses, right?

Wrong. In fact, we offer 30+ high quality lens options- Which one is best for you? When you come to Young’s Optical, we spend time chatting with you about your lifestyle: How much time do you spend on devices? What are your hobbies? Do you read a lot? 

Lenses are not a “one lens fits most” item. Having the best lenses for you is as important as having the correct prescription. For example, Someone who spends 9+ hours per day on devices vs a fitness instructor that spends very little time on devices, have very different lens needs. 

If you ever have concerns about your new prescription eyewear, contact us right away. 

High Quality Prescription Lenses

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For your safety, we’re open by appointment ONLY as we’re only allowing one customer (or two from the same household) into the shop at a time. This way, if you’d like to remove your mask and try on frames, you can feel comfortable doing so.
I will remain masked and physically distanced throughout your visit but I love to shop, so I am happy to help you find frames that you’ll love!